After years of teaching and sometimes cajoling CEOs to venture into social media, it is clear that people need to recognize the value of social media firsthand.  The 3 steps below will most certainly help trigger that aha! moment with social media. Exhilaration may ensue. Continue reading...


  New Site
C3.0 is proud to release a fully refreshed website for its long time client Baillie Lumber - This modern, yet very functional site is mobile friendly and truly encapsulates the essence of Baillie Lumber as leading the Hardwood Lumber industry.

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All the news that matters to you about the Alchemy of Business, Life and Technology, nicely curated by the fine folks @ C3.0 so you dont have to do a thing.
Impress your employees and friends by how much relevant information you know and get inspired to put those into action.

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